Our tips for Deauville

Just a short walk from La Villa Laure you’ll find Deauville beach, with its seeimingly endless stretch of white sand, and its famous wooden promenade deck known as Les Planches, which dates from 1923.

Deauville is a lively town that offers various activities for all tastes:

    • The public tennis courts on Boulevard de la Mer, open to all levels, and with tournaments organised by the sports club;
    • The Yacht Club, which also organises fabulous boat trips to enjoy with the family;
    • The Mini Golf on Rue Reynaldo Hahn, a stone’s throw from the beach, and where you can also enjoy lunch on the decking that overlooks the sea;
    • The 500m² skate park where you can enjoy skateboarding as well as football, basketball and handball throughout the year;
    • Deauville Pony Club is just 50 metres from the beach and is open to riders of all levels, as well as offering regular pony rides along the seafront;
    • Bike hire : Cycles Jamme, 11 avenue de la République Deauville Tel00+33 (0)2 31 88 40 22

The must-see spots in Deauville:

    • The Racecourse in Deauville offers horse races and events throughout the season, including prestigious polo matches;
    • Place Mornyis a lively town square, particularly on market days;
    • Les Planches – our famous boardwalk – is a wooden promenade that runs for several kilometres along the beachfront;
    • The Casino
    • Escape Game “Le Hangar à énigmes” is just 30 metres from the villa – a real-life adventure where you follow the clues to solve the mystery and gain your freedom!

Our favourite local restaurants:

    • La Péniche, Promenade Michel d’Ornano
    • L’Essentiel 29, rue Mirabeau
    • La Table du marché in Deauville

Artisans and craftspeople:

    • Fishmonger: L’Etoile des Mers 74, rue Gambetta Deauville
    • Pastry chef : Jean-François Foucher 13, rue Désiré Le Hoc Deauville.